Cloud Dough

Hand cloud dough

Last week we finally got around to making some cloud dough. We used this recipe from the Imagination tree. I have been meaning to give this a try for weeks now with the ingredients sat ready waiting in my kitchen cupboard but I just haven’t found the chance.

This is defiantly a messy outdoor activity, but we ended up bravely playing with it inside because it started to rain heavy just as I finished making it. I put down a plastic sheet which helped to contain some of the mess and put the dough in a big bowl for Eli to play with.

I really like how moldable this stuff is. You can build dough castles and dough balls and it worked well with many of Eli’s play-dough molds and sharpers. Eli seemed to really enjoy digging in the dough as if it was sand and rubbing it between his fingers. It kept him occupied for at least 45 minutes which for Eli is a big success and worth the mess. By the time Eli had gotten bored he had managed to spread it all over my dining room floor. Eli thought this was lots of fun. I think I will be making cloud dough more often.

Playing with cloud doughCloud dough closeCloud dough Cloud douh mess

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    sustainablemum September 3, 2014

    That looks like great messy fun!
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